World-famous Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant sunk during transport

Last weekend, the floating restaurant that was considered an icon for Hong Kong sank. The world-famous Jumbo Kingdom Floating restaurant was towed away from the metropolis after 46 years but during transport it sank in the South China Sea.

Restaurant owner Aberdeen informed that the restaurant which was 76 meters long and built in Chinese Imperial style would be towed to a new destination. However, it capsized and sank seven hundred kilometers south of Hong Kong, the company sadly reported.

It is expected that the restaurant cannot be resurrected because the sea is a thousand meters deep. In consultation with the towing company, the circumstances are being investigated. The restaurant was found seaworthy and had three floors but capsized when it landed near the Paracel Islands in heavy weather. No crew members were injured in the accident.

The restaurant palace also served as a TV and film set for example for the 1974 hit film James bond – The Man with the Golden Gun and Contagion from 2011.

The corona measures had already forced the restaurant to permanently close the „swinging doors“ last March. But in its golden years, it served 2,300 diners daily. And according to local media, the restaurant welcomed an estimated thirty million customers including royalty, entertainment stars. With a specialty cuisine that focuses on traditional Cantonese and seafood dishes.