War Risk surcharge to Israel

In continuation of the ongoing war in Israel, more and more carriers implementing a War Risk surcharge for shipments to Israel. Without prior notice we are forced to implement this surcharge on pending and new bookings on a case-by-case occasion. Apart from the War Risk Surcharge, we would like to draw your attention to the Hague Visby Rules, likely known as Bill of Lading conditions. On of the clauses we would like to draw your attention to, reads:

In case of any hindrance, for example due to war, act of terrorism threat or any other unforeseen circumstances, the carrier (whether or not the carriage is commenced) may, at it’s sole discretion and without prior notice, either:

• Carry the goods to the port of discharge by an alternative route, or
• Abandon the carriage of the goods and place them at any place or port which carrier may deem safe and convenient, whereupon the responsibility of the carrier shall cease.