Typhoon Hinnamnor forces ports to temporarily shut down

The ports of Shanghai, Ningbo and Busan have been forced to close by typhoon Hinnamnor.

This will further disrupt shipping schedules in Asia.

Shanghai closed its container terminals and equipment yards on 4 September around 4pm, Ningbo and Busan already closed their terminals on Friday 2 September.

The typhoon subsided on Wednesday, September 7, and the ports were able to resume operations; they will try to deal with any delays as quickly as possible.

The port of Ningbo was already suffering from major delays. Recently, ships were often delayed or cancelled from Ningbo due to lower freight rates on Southeast Asia and certain shipping routes. It now remains to be seen how Typhoon Hinnamnor will affect delays and schedules.

Besides the port of Shanghai, Ningbo and Busan, the airports in the area were also closed. Here too, flights resumed after 7 September.