Transport tariffs 2023

The end of 2022 is approaching. Therefore, we would like to inform you through this way about the road transport expectations and rates for the new year. It is well known that, in addition to fluctuations in fuel prices, the transport sector faces huge cost increases. The cost increase results from the cost trends below;

– Deviation estimate 2022 compared to realisation 2022
– Collective wage increase. For the Netherlands, a collective wage increase of 7.5% with a one-off payment of €250.
– Uncertain times due to shortages of raw materials, higher energy prices and inflation.
– Tight labour market with high turnover. The unstable situation in Eastern Europe means fewer workers are available in Western Europe.
– Fuel cost development, in addition to diesel prices, prices for alternatives such as ad-blue / LNG / gas / electricity (in which a lot has been invested) have increased.
– Increase in depreciation costs (8%) and insurance costs (8.8%). In addition, repair and maintenance costs are also increasing (7.2%).

Following discussions with our partners in this sector, Merzario has decided to increase basic transmission tariffs by 10%, effective 1 Jan 2023. As we want to continue working in a healthy way with both our carriers and our customers, we have no other choice. We hereby rely on your understanding. We will prepare the new quotations and transport tariff lists as soon as possible.