Traffic management on motorways: Germany and the Netherlands work together

The two countries have issued a declaration of intent to cooperate in future traffic management projects and the development of new technologies. The German Autobahn GmbH and the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat are working on intelligent and sustainable mobility for the future. Both have made it clear they want to work closely together. The aim of the cooperation is to create a better traffic flow with cross-border traffic and construction site management. In a first step, both parties want to expand the registration and delivery of traffic data. To provide border traffic data, they have started to integrate their national access points with each other. The development and nationwide introduction of intelligent traffic management systems is also part of the cooperation. Autobahn GmbH is a forerunner in Europe with the nationwide “construction site alarm”. Connected vehicles receive reliable and early warnings about daily construction sites. Both countries are working hard to increase the safety of road users and company service workers with their intelligent traffic systems.