There are fewer berths for inland shipping in Rotterdam.

From October 1, berths for inland vessels in the center of Rotterdam will disappear. The port authority will transfer the management of the quay walls and slipways to the municipality.

Mainly it will concern the berths on the Feijenoordkade, the Rhijnspoorkade (former Tropicana) and the first Katendrecht Head.

As of October 1, these berths may no longer be used as public berths.

Also, a large part of the Noordereiland will be transferred in management to the municipality, the berths on the renewed Maaskade will remain available for inland shipping.

Background to the disappearance of these berths is the steady shift of port activities from the center to more western ports.

In recent years, Rotterdam has invested in berths for inland shipping in the Maashaven, thus maintaining the total capacity of berths.

This allows the municipality to include the vacant sites for redevelopment and reuse in the ambition for the inner-city Nieuwe Maas.