Sustainable ships get discount on port fees North Sea Port and Gothenburg

From 2025, ships sailing between the North Sea Port and the Port of Gothenburg on renewable fuels will get discounts on port fees. The ports will also ensure that there is an opportunity to bunker methanol, among other things. In this way, they will ensure a green line between Sweden and Belgium.
The boards of both ports believe that the route between Ghent and Gothenburg should become more sustainable, this because ships sail daily between the ports carrying, among others, cargo from the food industry. For this plan to succeed, the next three years will see the possibility of bunkering alternative fuels for ships. Discounts on port charges will also be given to vessels using cleaner fuels.

In fact, North Sea Port has set out in its strategic plan to be completely carbon neutral by 2050. CEO of the North Sea Port therefore says „We want to achieve this objective by giving discounts on port fees for green ships, creating an alternative fuel value chain with local production, import and storage of green fuels and by facilitating bunkering regulations. With this, we will encourage ships to create a green shipping route“.