Sustainable inland navigation receives additional subsidy

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has extended the current subsidy scheme for greening inland navigation by 10 million euros for 2022. Money will also be made available again by the ministry in 2023 for making inland shipping more sustainable.
The subsidy that could be applied for from 1 January 2022 can be used for greening diesel engines to a Stage V engine or for fitting an electric drive system. Initially, a subsidy of 5.9 million was made available, however, almost immediately after the subsidy application was opened, the pot was empty and so it has now been increased to 15.9 million euros with the additional 10 million.

The increase is meant to honour ongoing applications. New applications are currently not accepted and can be reapplied in 2023, however, it has not yet been announced what the subsidy amount for 2023 will be.
A nitrogen reduction grant can also be applied for through the Ministry of Agriculture for inland navigation. This subsidy can be used for retrofitting SCR Catalysts, however, there is less interest in this subsidy and the total amount for this subsidy remains EUR 13.9 million.