Surcharge for still uncertain carbon tax as early as next year

Shipping company Maersk plans to introduce a new surcharge next year, the ETS – levy.

They will introduce this to compensate for the Co2 levy on shipping fuel, which has been announced by the European Commission.

The plan of introducing this new charge was approved by the European Parliament 3 weeks ago. Only the member states still must give their approval.

It looks like the European shipping levy will be introduced in 2024.

Shipping company Maersk assumes that the European Commission will already initiate a phase-in period in 2023. With this, CO2 emissions will be taxed at 20%.

According to this calculation, Maersk is basing an ETS – charge that will range from 99 – 213 USD for a dry container and between 149 – 319 for a reefer container, depending on the sailing area.

World Shipping Council is skeptical about the way Brussels wants to pass on the cost of the energy transition to the industry.

Some time ago, an agreement was reached in the European Parliament that the starting point would be 75% of the revenue from the levy returned to the shipping industry via a fund.