Sudden corona lockdown: Tens of thousands of tourists stuck on Chinese island

More than 80,000 tourists have been stuck in the city of Sanya on the Chinese island of Hainan since Saturday. Local authorities have imposed a lockdown due to a resurgence of the coronavirus.

On Friday, 263 positive tests were reported in the city, after which authorities imposed a lockdown on Saturday. Essentials such as supermarkets and pharmacies are still open, but almost everything else is closed.

Public transportation is no longer allowed into or out of the city. Planes are no longer allowed to take off or land at the airport. Tourists are also not allowed to leave the city on foot. Most are locked in their resorts.

To be allowed to leave, travellers must show as many as five negative PCR tests, over a seven-day period. Authorities have asked hotels to give their guests discounts until they are allowed to leave.