Soon even the largest container ships can be welcomed in Rotterdam

From the end of 2024, the latest generation of ships can also be welcomed in the port of Rotterdam. The ships are so gigantic, as much as 430 by 66.50 metres, that new slipways will have to be built for them. Plans are currently in place to construct berths for at least 12 ships. The Port of Rotterdam Authority (HbR) plans to expand the port of Rotterdam to accommodate the latest generation of container ships. To achieve this, the access channel to Maasvlakte 2 will be widened, allowing the largest container ships to pass unhindered. A new quay for tugs will also be built at the entrance to the port, close to the largest container terminals. This quay will be equipped with shore power facilities.

Tugs are important to the port’s operational services, as they not only tow ships to their berths but also ensure that ships remain at their berths during storms. The Yangtze Canal, which connects the Beer Canal and the Maasvlakte 2 inner channel, will be widened on the south side over a length of 500 metres. This will allow the largest container ships to sail to and from the APMT 2 and RWG terminals in the Princess Amaliahaven. The Port Authority also plans to widen 1,400 metres of the Yangtze Canal before 2030 by constructing a quay wall with waiting areas for inland navigation. After deepening dredging, this will create more space and access to the Maasvlakte will be ready to accommodate the yet-to-be-developed latest generation of container ships measuring 430 by 66.50 metres in the near future.