Shipping disruptions expected due to strikes in Port of Liverpool

After the strikes already announced at the end of August in the Port of Felixstowe, the Port of Liverpool has also announced that it will shortly be going on strike.

This threatens even more disruptions for shipping around the United Kingdom.

The workers at the port are demanding higher wages and are not accepting the 7% increase already offered by the employer. They say that because of high inflation, 7% is too little, and it is expected that more than 500 employees will go on strike.

It is not yet known when the strike will take place.

The Port of Liverpool serves as a major hub for transatlantic trade and is Britain’s third largest port.

The earlier strike announced by the Port of Felixstowe, which will see around 2,000 staff go on strike, will begin on 21 August and last for about a week.

There is a possibility that the strikes in the United Kingdom will also have an impact on the port of Rotterdam, reports the FNV.  Ships that have to go to Felixstowe and Liverpool are not allowed to divert to Rotterdam. Trade union leader Niek Stam says that he will stand up for the dockworkers of Rotterdam and that diverting ships will not be unloaded just like that.