Second LNG-Teminal Wilhemshaven

The government of lower saxony is currently checking if it possible to build a second LNG-Terminal in Wilhemshaven.
The ministry of energy of lower saxony informed, that they are in talks with the federal ministry of economics and technology to concretize the plans.
Additionally a gas pipeline should be built to the near of Bremen, this is needed to transport the gas to the inland. A detailled plan should be provided by the network operator in the end of August.
The whole plan was confirmed by a spokesperson of the ministry of environment of lower saxony at the end of July, the exact date and place of the new terminal is not specified, yet.
A new LNG-terminal could be built in twelve to eighteen months, as per information from the network operator.

The construction works for the first Terminal have started shortly and if everything proceeds without any problems, the terminal should be put into operation by the end of December 2022.

Germanys Plan is to become more independent from Russia and their gas with the new LNG-terminals. More and more locations are already set with Stade (lower saxony), Brunsbuettel (Schleswig-Holstein) and Lubmin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania).