Rail freight transport: an additional billion for digital rail

The federal government and Deutsche Bahn have increased the financing contract from 1.7 billion euros to 2.7 billion euros. The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and Deutsche Bahn have supplemented plans for the digital rail system in Germany. In addition, DB has received approval from the federal government for further financing of the planning of several projects from the starter package. According to DB, in the long term all routes and rail junctions are to be equipped with the European train control system and digital interlockings, and the old technology is to be completely replaced. The aim of the modernization: more space for trains, improved punctuality, and fewer disruptions.

In the future, DB will be able to reorganize operations on the rail network and create up to 35 percent more capacity. According to DB, the funds now provided will go, among other things, into the modernization and digitization of the infrastructure on the Rhine-Alps freight corridor. This magistral from the Dutch North Sea ports to Italy is to be equipped with the European rail traffic control system ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System). The system helps to facilitate cross-border train traffic in Europe. The agreements made with the federal government will therefore decisively advance Germany’s digital rail system,“ says DB Infrastructure Board Member Berthold Huber.