Port of Rotterdam wants to import hydrogen

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has signed cooperation agreements with around 20 regions worldwide to promote the import of green hydrogen. Speaking at the World Hydrogen Summit, an international summit on hydrogen, managing director Allard Castelein said there is interest from more regions to participate in this partnership. These regions include countries such as Namibia, Australia and Chile, where green energy can be generated using wind and sun to produce hydrogen. As hydrogen production requires significant amounts of power, these regions are seen as the “future exporters of green hydrogen” according to the port authority.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has been betting on hydrogen for some time and believes it will play an important role in the energy transition. Several wind farms will be built in the North Sea to power future hydrogen plants in the port of Rotterdam. Shell has also announced that they will build a 200-megawatt hydrogen plant on the Second Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. According to Castelein, the hydrogen economy could generate billions of euros for the Netherlands and create thousands of jobs. Shell, for example, is already investing a billion euros in the construction of the green hydrogen plant. The Port of Rotterdam Authority expects the first import of hydrogen to take place in 2024.