Obligation to register export documentation for ECT Delta and ECT Euromax terminals

From 17 April 2023, it will be required to register an export document before delivering an export container to the ECT Delta and ECT Euromax terminals. If no document is registered for a container, it will not be admitted to the terminals from this date. To comply with this new procedure, export documents must be pre-registered via Portbase’s Notification Export Documentation (MED). When export containers are pre-registered via Portbase, it is indicated whether a document has been registered or not.

If there are multiple containers for a partial shipment, the box operator can announce them via MyTerminal at booking level, eliminating the mandatory registration of export documentation prior to the delivery of these export container(s). Pre-notification will also indicate in this case whether a document has been registered. Carriers and logistics service providers can also see via their MyTerminal profile whether containers belonging to a booking are subject to export documentation requirements. Containers that were pre-notified before the introduction and containers that have yet to be pre-notified for bookings for which containers have already been delivered previously will still be accepted without an export document even after the conversion on 17 April. It is therefore important to arrange proper documentation in time to avoid delays and problems.