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There are many forwarding agents, ranging from large to small. We are not the largest, but we do offer added value. Especially because of our service and transparent approach and the way in which we take a constructive approach with our customers. We are proactive about this last issue. All of the above combined with our many years of experience means that Merzario is an experienced specialist in the area of sea and air freight, cross trading and everything in-between. We are a reliable, financially healthy and digitally advanced forwarding agent and have all logistics services under one roof. Take a look at our latest news, soon to follow.

Strikes in Felixstowe and Liverpool a double whammy to UK’s overstressed Supply Chain

September 26, 2022: Europe’s overstretched supply chains are experiencing a double whammy of disruptions as transport unions in Felixstowe and now in Liverpool prepare for labour strikes later this month in response to soaring inflation.

Brussels approves $5.2 billion for EU hydrogen projects

September 26, 2022: The European Commission has announced that the Netherlands and 12 other EU member states have together invested €5.2 billion in 35 public-private projects to develop green hydrogen production from electrolysis and build the infrastructure to do so.

Doubling decision APM Maasvlakte postponed

September 26, 2022: On the expansion of the APM Terminal (APMT) in the Amaliahaven on the Maasvlakte, the final decision has been postponed until the end of the year, thanks in part to rising material costs. The group had planned to complete the doubling of the APMT2 terminal by the middle of this year, but a sharp rise in steel and contractor prices, among others, meant that a final decision could not be made now.

Suez Canal toll increase

September 26, 2022: The toll that ships have to pay to use the Suez Canal is being increased by 15 per cent by Egypt. Due to inflation, the Suez Canal is facing higher costs, which is why the canal operator has decided to increase tolls.

Strike in Liverpool port imminent after rejecting wage offer

September 19, 2022 At the port of Liverpool, dock workers have rejected their employer's latest wage offer, leading to a strike looming. This strike is likely to last from 19 September to 3 October.

There are fewer berths for inland shipping in Rotterdam

September 19, 2022 From October 1, berths for inland vessels in the center of Rotterdam will disappear. The port authority will transfer the management of the quay walls and slipways to the municipality.

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