New cargo airport for the United Kingdom

The former Manston Airport has been taken over by RSP (RiverOak Strategic Partners). The company wants to invest 500 million pounds in the airport to develop it into a cargo airport.

The British government has given approval for the execution of the plans, after they were adjusted. Approval was already given in 2020, but these plans were rejected by the courts last year.

RSP wants to start building early next year and hopes to receive the first cargo plane in 2025.

By converting Manston Airport into a cargo airport, they hope to put logistics for the south-east of the United Kingdom on the map.

RSP also hopes to be an alternative for cargo storage. Currently, this is accommodated at Heatrow, Gatwick and Stansted, but these airports are full and there is no possibility of expansion.

The traffic jams around London also cause a lot of congestion and delays. Manston Airport is closer to the ferry port of Dover, which is an important location for road transport to and from Europe. It is therefore expected that delays should decrease.