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Speditionen gibt es viele, von groß bis klein. Wir sind nicht die größte, aber wir heben uns von den anderen ab. Insbesondere durch unseren Service, unseren transparenten Ansatz und die Art, wie wir gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden nachdenken. Letzteres tun wir proaktiv. Dies alles, kombiniert mit unserer jahrelangen Erfahrung, macht Merzario zu einem erfahrenen Spezialisten im Bereich Seefracht, Luftfracht, Cross-Trading und in allem, was dazu gehört. Sehen Sie sich unten unsere neuesten Nachrichten an.

UK commits to Green Corridors

06-December-2022: At this year’s COP27 conference in Egypt, the UK has agreed, in partnership with the US, to create green shipping corridors between the two countries. The green maritime links involve specific routes that are decarbonised from end to end, including both land-side infrastructure and vessels.

Deposition of silt will be the main driver for next container Giants

06-December-2022: With immediate effect is the limit of the previous permitted draft restricted to the depth of 13,50m, the deepening of the river Elbe was hard- fought so big container vessel and the next generation of giants are welcomed.

Information for food GMC providers in SCC

06-December-2022: In the Netherlands in recent years, the NVWA has allowed document control to take place on scanned documents. From 16 January 2023, this will stop and the European regulation that requires the inspection to take place on the basis of original documents will be strictly enforced.

Economic headwinds put pressure on air freight

06-December-2022: IATA has reported that global air cargo demand fell by 13.6 percent. In October 2021, the air cargo sector delivered in a good presentation compared to 2022. Compared to September, October did show a 3.5 percent increase. Despite the economic headwinds, air cargo remains resilient.

Adjusted opening hours December

29-November-2022: Due to the holiday season, our opening hours have changed

CILT gives evidence at Transport Select Committee on self-driving vehicles

29-November-2022: CILT (UK) appeared before the Transport Select Committee today regarding its request for evidence on self-driving vehicles.Ian Wainwright FCILT, Chair of Freight and Logistics Policy Group at CILT(UK) responded to a call from government on matters concerning Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs).

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