Maastricht Airport can continue without airport decision for now

Despite no final airport decision having yet been made for Maastricht Aachen Airport, it can stay open until the end of 2024. The Council of State ruled in the case brought by Stichting Geen Uitbreiding Vliegveld Beek and local residents. According to the council, they rightly pointed out that the Aviation Act prohibits operating a civilian airport without an airport decree or airport regulation. For Maasticht Aachen Airport, this decision has not yet been adopted.

According to the foundation and residents, although there is a temporary regulation, it offers too little protection to local residents. The council agrees with the foundation and residents on that point and expects the government to have a final airport decision in place no later than 31.12.2024. If this is not achieved within the stipulated time frame of two years, a penalty of 1,000 euros with a maximum of 150,000 euros will apply for each day the decision is late.