Leak in Baltic Nord Stream 2

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea is leaking, releasing gas into the Baltic Sea. Danish authorities have asked ships not to go near the island of Bornholm, where the pipeline passes. Nord Stream 2 is not in operation, however, this pipeline contains gas.
The leak was discovered because the pressure in the pipeline was greatly reduced. The cause of the leak is being investigated. A safety zone has now been formed around Bornholm as the gas could be dangerous for shipping.

The pipeline was actually supposed to be operational this year, but Germany decided to halt the approval process a few days before Russia invaded Ukraine. Nord Stream 2 doubles the volume of Russian gas supplied to Germany. The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which like Nord Stream 2 runs between Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea, has also been shut down for some time. According to Moscow, this was due to technical problems. Berlin says Russia is using energy as blackmail because of Western support for Ukraine.