Hamburg Süd and Sealand brand names disappear

In the coming years, the Maersk shipping company will start integrating its brands into the parent brand. This will include the disappearance of brand names such as Hamburg Süd and Sealand. Gradually, the various brands will start to integrate under the Maersk name. In a statement, the shipping company stressed that this will not involve cost-cutting or job cuts. In addition to the two best-known names Sealand and Hamburg Süd, Twill, Senator, KGH and Aliança will also be merged. However, there are some exceptions which will retain the brand name, for example Svitzer, Maersk Supply Service (MSS), APM Terminals, Maersk Container Industry (MCI), Maersk Line Limited (MLL) and Maersk Training.

By doing so, the shipping company aims to position itself as an integrated logistics service provider with an umbrella business organisation. Maersk expects this will allow it to serve its customers more effectively. Karsten Kildahl, CCO of Maersk says in a letter to customers that the current brand structure does not reflect the way customers have structured their supply chain. In this letter, Maersk also makes it clear that sub-brand services will not disappear.