Further improvement in container ship punctuality

The punctuality of container ships improved again in the month of November. According to statistics from Danish Sea-Intelligence, 56.6% of ships sailed on time. This is an increase of more than 6% compared to October, where for the first time more than 50% of ships were on time. A majority of ships were thus delayed during the rest of the year, where one experienced the lowest point in January. During that period, only 1 in 3 ships arrived in port on time, after which reliability slowly picked up.

Before the corona pandemic, the percentage of ships arriving on time was 80%, which is still significantly higher than the current percentage. The average delay has also dropped to around 5 days, at its peak in January it was more than a week (8 days). The statistics from the Danes show that MSC scored best in terms of punctuality, 63.4% of ships arrived on time. Last period this was Maersk, however, they now scored a percentage of 61.7%. ONE, PIL, Hapag-Lloyd and Yang Ming still score below 50%, in which Yang Ming was the only one to show a decrease this month compared to October.