Further delays in the construction of the port of Hamburg motorway

The construction of the A26 east motorway is intended to connect the A7 with the A1 through the port of Hamburg. On the official website from the economic authority still says that the first section of the A26 East will be built from 2020. The reality is different – this is shown by the response of the Hamburg Senate to a request from the left-wing party: The planning approval decision will therefore not be ready until next year at the earliest. It remains unclear when construction will begin. Environmentalists from NABU Hamburg see this as an opportunity. Right from the start they were against the motorway, which is supposed to connect the A1 with the A7 in the southern Elbe region.

From their point of view, not only do nature conservation concerns speak against the construction, but also the hydrogen plans for the port. Because the “Hohe Schaar” could then no longer be used for the planned hydrogen economy. Supporters of the A26 east, on the other hand, expect better accessibility to the port, closing the gap in the motorway network and relieving the city center. According to the status, the almost ten-kilometer route will cost around two billion euros.