Development of the Port of Hamburg compared to the previous year

In the first 9 months, the port of Hamburg had turnover 91.8 million tons of sea goods. In comparison to the previous year there is a minus of 4.3 %. Most notably is a minus at the bulk cargo with 7.4 %. The container handling is already stable in Hamburg with 6.3 million TEU. There is a small reduction of 2.7%. The LCL movements had a positive year. 1.1 million tons shipped over Hamburg. That is a plus of 19.3% in comparison to the previous year. The number of containerships decrease due to long-term trends in the period of the last 9 months. It was 7.4 % fewer than the last year, but in 2022 a lot of Megamax vessel visiting Hamburg with an all in all capacity between 18,000 and 24,000 TEU (a plus of 5.5%).

Due to the energy crisis and the war in the Ukraine there will be high inflation in Germany and much European states. This will also affect the normally strong Christmas business. At the same time, the traffic jams in front of the ports are reducing, but the disruptions in the supply chains have not all been resolved. So, the market will remain volatile for the rest of the year.