Firms in Shenzhen are cut off from the outside world because of corona

In the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen, some large companies have been restricted from communicating with the outside world. At electronics company Foxconn, which assembles iPhones among other things, only personnel who stay on the factory premises are allowed to work.

The maker of electric vehicles BYD and Tech companies like Huawei and ZTE are also affected.

According to Foxconn (originally Taiwanese), production in Shenzhen continues as normal.  This company let it be known that it is following all instructions from the Chinese government.

Oil company CNOOC let people know that they needed to work from home as much as possible during the coming week.

In Shenzhen last Sunday there were 21 new corona cases, 2 more compared to Saturday.

Relative to other countries, these are very low numbers for a city of millions. However, authorities in Shenzhen are becoming concerned.

China has a policy of trying to eradicate corona completely and does not shy away from harsh measures such as lockdowns.

In previous lockdowns in Shanghai, companies were also allowed to remain open by means of a closed system. Among others, a Tesla factory was able to produce in this way. Factories that did not have their own living quarters for employees set up part of the factory space as a place to sleep.