Considerable increase German Toll fee (LKW-Maut)

As part of the modernization package for climate protection (“Klimaschutzprogramm 2030”), the German government announced important changes to the LKW-Maut with effect from December 1, 2023:

From December 2023, a CO2-surcharge of Eur. 200 per ton of CO2 emitted by commercial vehicles will apply. This results in an additional surcharge of approximately 16 cents per kilometre. This causes the LKW-Maut to increase considerably, for example for a Euro-6 vehicle from 19 cents per kilometre to 35 cents per kilometre (more than 83%).

From 2024, Euro 6 trucks will pay same German Toll fee as LNG/CNG and HVO. Expansion of Maut: Commercial vehicles with a gross weight of > 3.5 tons, LKW-Maut will also be applicable w.e.o. 1-7-2024.