Canada Spring Thaw regulations

In order to comply with the Quebec Ministry of Transport regulations, carriers apply restrictions
to cargo weight during the annual Spring Thaw period. Spring Thaw Dates are subject to change without any notification

Please see below tentative dates by zone:

Copyright (Quebec Ministry of Transportation)

Zone 1: March 18 – May 10
Zone 2: March 25 – May 17
Zone 3: April 1 – May 24

The weight restrictions apply to all pre- and on-carriage deliveries to and from the province of
Quebec performed by truck transport within the period mentioned.

The Truck overweight surcharge during Spring Thaw period apply for both dry and reefer containers. The weight limitations + surcharges differ per each carrier.

For example:

DRY (based on Cargoweight)
20DV Up to 19,000 Kgs = > No surcharge
20DV 19,051 – 24,040 Kgs => Surcharge apply
40DV-HC Up to 19,950 Kgs => No surcharge
40DV-HC 19,951 – 24,947 Kgs => Surcharge apply

REEFER (based on Cargoweight)
20RE Up to 18,500 Kgs => No Surcharge
20RE 18,501 – 22,000 Kgs => Surcharge apply
40RE Up to 19,950 Kgs => No Surcharge
40RE 19,951 – 24,404 Kgs => Surcharge apply

It is also important to note that the weight restrictions not only apply to the total cargo weight in the container but also to the distribution of the weight over the axles of the chassis. If the weight is not distributed evenly across all axles, the container will then be subject to an axle overloading fine.

Start and end dates by zone are subject to change, without notice, depending on weather conditions. Please consult the Quebec Ministry of Transport website for the most up-to-date information: