28-January-2023: In the coming years, the Maersk shipping company will start integrating its brands into the parent brand. This will include the disappearance of brand names such as Hamburg Süd and Sealand. Gradually, the various brands will start to integrate under the Maersk name.

28-January-2023: In January 2025, MSC and Maersk will part ways after 10 years of working together in the 2M alliance. MSC CEO Soren Toft and Maersk CEO Vincent Clerc announced this on the morning of Wednesday 25 January.

28-January-2023: The Port of Hamburg will continue to lose throughput this year. At least that is the assumption of the President of the Port of Hamburg Business Association, Gunther Bonz. He expects that for the first time Hamburg will no longer be one of the 20 most important ports in the world.

28-January-2023: As of January 22nd, Chinese New Year will take place, a celebration that will be celebrated for 15 days. Chinese New Year announces the beginning of spring and is therefore called ‘Spring Festival’.

17-January-2023: DP World announced that its Southampton container terminal achieved a 55% reduction in net carbon emissions by 2022 thanks to a switch to a different primary fuel.

17-January-2023: In the trade between Asia and Europe, some 226,000 TEU will be withdrawn from service in the 4 weeks before Chinese New Year, the percentage of Blank Sailings is thus 715% higher than this period in 2019, according to Norwegian Xeneta.

17-January-2023: The long-standing interests of the carrier COSCO about the shares of the HHLA terminal CTT is so far not finally concluded. As of the side of the Carrier there is still room for negotiation.

17-January-2023: Winter is still in full swing, but people are already looking at the spring period. In Canada, the so-called “Spring Thaw Period” has been announced for the period from 15 March to the end of May.

10-January-2023: MSC, like 2021, is the shipping company that added the most TEUs to its fleet, In 2022, the shipping company added 321,500 TEUs to its fleet, an increase of 7.5%. In 2021, MSC already added 411,000 TEU to its fleet, according to ship data collector Alphaliner.

10-January-2023: Off Port Saïd, in the northern part of the Suez Canal, a large cargo ship ran aground on Monday morning. With the help of several tugs, this ship was quickly refloated. The bulk carrier Glory ship was on its way to China with Ukrainian grain.