24-October-2022: First Hydrogen, automotive and energy developer, is pleased to announce that its first zero emission light commercial vehicles (LCVs) have been certified legal on British roads by the Vehicle Certification Authority.

24-October-2022: You will no doubt notice that import tariffs from the Far East are falling. Reduced tariffs are coming in weekly, confirming once again that tariffs are falling. This is also confirmed by a number of measurable indices.

24-October-2022: Schiphol has initiated a comprehensive cargo consultation, bringing together „the government, the cargo industry and the airport“ to find a „concrete“ solution to the acute shortage of cargo slots at schiphol.

24-October-2022: Hans Vervat and Jan Overdevest, Rotterdam port entrepreneurs, have jointly applied to the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The entrepreneurs are requesting to rent land on the Maasvlakte to develop a new container terminal there.

17-October-2022: From 2025, ships sailing between the North Sea Port and the Port of Gothenburg on renewable fuels will get discounts on port fees. The ports will also ensure that there is an opportunity to bunker methanol, among other things.

17-October-2022: Over the past few days, the port of Hamburg has drawn attention to itself because of the new situation and problems related to the current depth of the Elbe in Hamburg. Hamburg’s depth problem is more serious than previously expected. According to the shipping authority, the target depth cannot be guaranteed.

17-October-2022: DP World today announces that work has started on site to build a new fourth berth at its London Gateway smart logistics hub. The resilience of the UK supply chain will be strengthened by the £350m project, which builds on DP World’s £2bn investment in Britain over the last decade.

17-October-2022: The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has extended the current subsidy scheme for greening inland navigation by 10 million euros for 2022. Money will also be made available again by the ministry in 2023 for making inland shipping more sustainable.

08-October-2022: Minister Mark Harbers (Infrastructure) has refused to set up a separate cargo pool for the Dutch air cargo sector at Schiphol Airport for legal reasons. The minister told this on Thursday in a parliamentary debate on the plan to reduce the number of flights at Schiphol by 12% to a maximum of 440,000 flights per year.

08-October-2022: Whereas at the beginning of the year less than one in three ships arrived on time, we see a sharp improvement in August. Reliability has increased to almost 50%. The Danish company Sea-Intelligence tracks worldwide the extent to which container ships reach their ports of destination according to original sailing schedules.