£200M Boost from the UK government to rollout hunderds more zero-emission HGVs

On the 12th of May the Department for Transport made the following announcement regarding the road transport sector.

Over £200 million of government funding will be invested to launch a fleet of zero emission heavy goods vehicles (HGVs); accelerating plans to decarbonise road freight

there are plans to eliminate fossil fuels from HGV haulage will help to reduce delivery costs and protect consumers from rising fuel prices in the long term

additional plans support the government’s world-leading pledges made at COP26; ensuring all new HGVs sold in the UK will be zero emission by 2040

The fleet of zero emission HGVs will support the government’s ambitions to achieve both cleaner air and greener jobs, while helping to keep costs down on consumer goods.

Transport Minister Trudy Harrison has revealed that over £200 million of government funding will be injected into an extensive zero emission road freight demonstrator programme.